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Students from Measham Karate Club have returned from the 2016 English National Karate Championships in Sheffield having won two Gold and two Silver medal positions at what is the most prestigious karate competition in the country.  Aron Traves impressively sailed through 6 rounds without losing any of the judges votes along the way to win the 10-13 kata event. In addition, Anthony Sempebwa came second to make it an all Measham Karate Club final out of 46 competitors!  Not to be out-done by his brother, Dylan Traves won the 14-15 cadets kata category convincingly winning the final against an fellow England squad member to take his 2nd National title to date.  In the sparring Fiona Sempebwa successfully won 4 rounds to get to the final in the 11-12 girls sparring event where she eventually took silver, narrowly losing to last year’s champion despite taking the lead in the final bout!  Fiona also won a bronze in the Girls 12-13 team sparring event.  As their instructor and coach I would like to congratulate Aron, Dylan, Anthony & Fiona on these fantastic results which are down to the hard work and dedication they have shown over the many years of training! 






KSE8 Championships, Gloucester - Mar 2015

Well done to Aron Traves who progressed through 3 rounds in the 12-14 individual kata and also Dylan Traves who went through 5 kata rounds to claim 3rd place at the KSE 8 championships in Gloucester.









Club Grading - March 2015

Well done to Artur Pasternak, Isla Stewart, Isabella Scattergood, Yarno Graham, Maddison Brierley, Fei Wang, Amelie Newbold and Jack Wheatcroft who all passed their grading. Lots of effort paid off - Well done!








Yorkshire Open Championships - Feb 2015

Congratulations to Dylan Traves who won gold in the 14-15 cadets individual kata and gold before going on to competing in the men's 16+ category and winning gold again at the Yorkshire Open Championships. 10 intensive rounds on two areas running at the same time. We Still don't know where he got the energy from but he just kept going and got the results demonstrating some great katas along the way!




PC UK Open Championships - Feb 2015

Well done to Dylan Traves who won Silver in the Cadets kata and then silver again in the senior Men's kata at the UK Open championships winning the first and second rounds 3:0 before just missing out 2:1 in the final.






Association Judge Award & Kata Squad Award

Congratulations to Sensei Frank Sempebwa who was awarded his Association competition Judges qualification and also Anthony Sempebwa who won the Shindo-Kai Kata Squad Kata Runner-up trophy for his great squad competition results during 2014.



This year a squad of 14 students from Measham competed at the Shindo-Kai National Championships in South Yorkshire and came away with medal positions!  Of the 26 categories entered we won 17 medal positions medals including 5 GOLD, 2 SILVER and 12 BRONZE, which for a relatively small club in an association consisting of 28 clubs in total is a great achievement. More impressive was that every Measham competitor came home with at least one medal which was down to the hard work you have all put in over the last few weeks - Well done!.



Shindo-Kai Kata Competition June 2014

9 GOLD, 4 SILVER and 10 BRONZE which is our biggest medal haul to date. We also won 2 of the 4 Grand Champion trophies up for grabs. Measham won over a quarter of the categories which is a fantastic achievement . Well done to all who participated: The full results can be found on the competition results page. Thank to all the parents for you time and support in helping our students travel to Yorkshire.  I hope you enjoyed what was a well organised and friendly competition.  




Two New Black Belt (Shodan) Grades - Sunday 13th April 2014

Fiona Sempebwa and Greg Wells both successfully passed the gruelling 2 hour grading 1st dan (degree) in front of the Shindo-Kai Grading Panel.  Dan gradings are both mentally and physically challenging which requires the candidates to demonstrate a high level of competency in kihons, kata and kumite. At 10 years Fiona is our youngest dan grade and the past five years of dedicated training has certainly paid off. Well done!






Four Measham students travelled to the Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield last Saturday (29th March).  

In the 9 and under individual kata Anthony Sempebwa performed Shotokan kata Enpi in the first round and despite showing excellent form lost to his opponent who also did Enpi. A great performance all the same and with a kinder draw would have a real medal contender. 

In the girls 10-13 individual kata Fiona Sempebwa performed Wado-Ryu kata Passai in the second round with another strong performance, but unfortunately did not get the judges vote against an opponent who performed Enpi. Fiona then went on to compete in the Girls 10-11 individual kumite where she won 5-1 in the first round before losing out in the 2nd round 6-3.  

In the boys 10-13 individual kata category both Aron Traves and Dylan Traves were competing in a the largest pool of 43 competitors. Aron performed a very strong kata Kanku-sho in the first round and won winning 2-1 before performing kata Unsu in the second round where he unfortunately lost against a good opponent. In the first round Dylan performed kata Kanku-sho winning 2-1 and then kata Gankaku in the second round winning 3-0 taking him into the quarter finals where he performed Unsu again, winning 2-1.  The semi-finals Dylan again performed another strong performance of Gankaku against a fellow Shindo-kai competitor Ryan Holmes and won with a vote of 3-2 and taking him to the final for the 2nd year running. His opponent this time was Adam Peters who is a very strong competitor of the Shitoryu style. Dylan was aka (red) and therefore up first where he performed an excellent Unsu with a very high jump and strong finish. All he could then do was wait for his opponent to perform a lengthy kata Chantayara Kusanku. Adam displayed great strength with the hand techniques and it was difficult to separate the two performances. The atmosphere was electric when the whistle blew and the 5 judges raised their flags. 4 RED and 1 BLUE!!!  Dylan’s face was one of disbelief, raising his hands to his face as he realized he had finally fulfilled his ambition to become an ENGLISH KATA CHAMPION much to the delight of all the many Shindo-Kai supporters in the arena!!! At last all the hard training and persistence had paid off.

After the individual kata medal ceremony as it was time to re-charge the batteries and prepare for the pair kata categories where due to the split ages Dylan and Aron had to compete in separate categories with Conor Bell and Aron Bell respectively.  Despite only previously practicing for 1 hour both pairs progressed to the quarter finals with good performances but both lost out to strong competition on split votes (2:1), just missing out on bronze medal positions. 

The day was not over yet!  The last kata event was the 10-13 team kata where again Dylan and Aron joined Brandon Greenwood from Hull Shotokan club for form the Shindo-kai B team. Again being from different clubs meant that they had only practiced a couple of times during squad training back in February. Given the competition from some excellent teams including the Shindo-kai A team and those from other associations the expectations of our Shindo-kai B team were not high; however that was not going to prevent the 3 boys from performing the best they could. In the first round they performed kata enpi winning 2:1 against Dokan karate B team before performing kanku-sho in the semi-finals against Yanagi-kai, winning again 2:1. They eventually realized that against all odds they were in the final and improving each round. All 3 made a team decision to repeat the same kata Kanuku-sho which was a risk given the two difficult jumps which they all had to land at the same time and a double head high side kick sequence. Being aka (red) they performed their kata first giving another powerful performance before their opponents Dokan karate A team performed the same kata. No-one could predict which way the vote would go - The whistle blew and the 5 flags were raised. 3 RED and 2 BLUE!!!  Team Shindo-Kai B were ENGLISH 10-13 TEAM KATA CHAMPIONS 2014 winning a second gold for Measham Karate Club.           

Shindo-Kai Chief Instructor Sensei John Tumman, Kata Coach Sensei Alex Gardener and Club Instructor Rob Traves were all delighted and with the performances of all the Shindo-kai competitors who managed to win a total of 8 GOLD (8 New English Champions!), 2 SILVER and 7 BRONZE medal positions. 



Well done to the following students who won the following awards for their hard work during 2013.  Keep it going!

    Newcomer of the Year - Kacper Sekowski 

    Lower Grade Kata Competitor of the Year - Matthew Martin

    Higher Grade Kata Competitor of the Year - Dylan Traves

    Kumite Competitor of the Year - Fiona Sempebwa

    Student of the Year - Artur Pasternak 





CLUB GRADING - 8th December 2013

Well done to the following 14 students who all successfully passed their gradings: Amelia Ziolek (9th Kyu), Zoltan Nagy (9th Kyu), Abigail Sempebwa (9th Kyu), Kyle Traves (9th Kyu), Kacper Sekowski (8th Kyu), Matylda Drost (7th Kyu) Sharon Traves (7th Kyu), Lewis Tucker (6th Kyu), James Blackwell (6th Kyu), Michal Wlodarski (5th Kyu), Jack Lee (5th Kyu), Emily Proctor (5th Kyu), Jake Scattergood (5th Kyu) & Matthew Martin (4th Kyu).










Starting on Wednesday 8th January 2014 there will be an new 1 hour training session for all grades and ages starting at 7.30pm - 8:30pm in Measham Leisure Centre. This session is in addition to the existing classes on Tuesdays and Fridays in Measham Village Hall. Having the whole sports hall will provide space for the whole club to train together whilst giving our students more opportunity to train during the week.  






A good size squad of 13 students from Measham competed at the Shindo-Kai National Championships and came away with the largest medal haul so far with 7 GOLD, 8 SILVER and 4 BRONZE medal positions!   It was especially rewarding to see 2 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze medal being won in the kumite events following our usual strong performance in the kata events. Of the 26 categories entered we secured medals in 16, which for a relatively small club in an association consisting of 26 clubs in total is a fantastic achievement. Well done to all the competitors who have trained so hard over the last 4 weeks. If you did not get a medal this time then don't be disappointed and don't give up as the experience will only make you stronger and more determined next time. Remember the Shindo-Kai motto "Winners Never Quit but Quitters Never Win!". See Results tables for the full list of medal winners:


SENIOR DAN GRADINGS - Sunday 13th October 2013

Congratulations to Sensei Frank Sempebwa for passing his 2nd Dan black belt (Nidan) grading and Sensei Rob Traves who passed his 3rd Dan black belt (Sandan) grading. Pictured alongside some of the members of the Shindo-Kai grading panel (Chief Instructor Sensei John Tumman, Sensei John Adair, Sensei Gary Baker and Sensei Dave Holmes).  








This was the last squad competition of the year where Measham Karate Club members compete as part of the Shindo-Kai Kata Squad.









The first events were team kata where Aron Traves, Dylan Traves and Ben Wright from BKC won bronze in the under 15 category.

Anthony Sempebwa won bronze in the 8-9 individual kata and Sensei Rob Traves won silver in the veterans individual kata.

To finish off a successful day Dylan Traves then went on to perform five different katas with impressive form, focus and determination to win Gold in the 13-15 individual kata despite being the first time he has competed in this age category. Well done!


CLUB GRADING - 15th September 2013

Well done to the following 9 students who successfully passed their gradings:  Joshua Cantwell (9th Kyu), Kacper Sekowski (9th Kyu), James Wilkinson (9th Kyu), Sharon Traves (8th Kyu), Greg Hollyoake (8th Kyu), Megan Jack (Part 1 4th Kyu), Artur Pasternak (5th Kyu), Anthony Sempebwa (2nd Kyu) and Jenny Wells (1st Kyu).















Another long journey to Scotland for the British Open championships at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow was the highest level competition we have attended to date. This international competition attracted competitors from 14 countries and the standard of karate on the mats reflected the fantastic facilities within the new indoor athletics arena. First up was the 11-13 mixed pairs in which team Measham Shindo-Kai picked up a bronze medal with kata Enpi.  In the 10-11 individual category Aron Traves progressed with full flags until the 3rd round when after performing Kanku-Sho the decision went against him.  Dylan Traves in the 12-13 category also made it to the 3rd round where despite performing an impressive kata Gankaku with great poise, power and balance it was his Portuguese opponent's performance of Shito-ryu kata Chatanyara Kushanku that received the judge's votes. As for Sensei Rob in the over 35 veterans kata category performed katas Enpi, Gojushiho-Sho and Kanku-Sho making to the semi-finals to also win a bronze medal.  A fantastic first experience of International competition! 



A small squad of 5 this year but that did not stop the medals from rolling in and a trophy as well thanks to the new Grand Champions section introduced this year. Well done to Matthew, Jenny, Joe, Aron & Dylan - Oh! and not forgetting Judge Greg!  Refer to the competition results page for the roll of honour...



5 members of Measham Karate Club represented Shindo-Kai Kata Squad at the Central England Championships in Walsall. This competition had over 900 competitors which proved to be one largest and best attended competitions on the circuit. The under 10 and under 14 categories were particularly large with over 60 karateka competing for the medal positions. Unfortunately it was the hottest day of the year with a temperature of 30 degrees outside and even hotter inside the sports hall; but despite the exhausting conditions the competitors gave everything they had which proved successful because we brought back 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze positions.

Anthony Sempebwa won GOLD in the Under 9 kata 

Dylan Traves won bronze in the Under 14 individual kata.

Sensei Rob Traves won silver in the Veteran's kata.

Dylan Traves, Aron Traves, and Ben Wright from Barnsley Karate Centre (BKC) won GOLD in the Under 16 team kata.

and finally Sensei Rob Traves, Sensei John Tumman (BKC) and Tony Pratt (BKC) won silver in the Senior team kata. 













Well done to Dylan Traves who brought home the Silver medal in the Under 14 years Kata event at the British Home Nations Championships in Glasgow. 










14 Measham Karate Students joined 150 karateka at the 25th Shindo-Kai Summer Course Weekend in Filey, North Yorkshire.

Saturday training included combination padwork, kata, kumite before a "fit to fight" aerobic training session. Sunday's beach Olympics and linework into the cold North Sea was exhilarating and great fun despite how cold it looks!  The fancy dress on the Saturday night was a great success and certainly brought out the best in people!  The star of the show had to be Mr Wells for his annual dance on the stage!  See the gallery for photos.


GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE at the English National Championships! - 20th April 2013

Representing the Shindo-Kai Kata Squad both Dylan and Aron Traves secured three different medal positions at the English National Championships in Sheffield. Dylan narrowly missed out on the Gold medal by a 3 to 2 vote having performed an excellent Shotokan kata Gankaku in the final of the Boys 10-13 individual kata event. Aron followed up by securing bronze with kata Gojushiho Sho in the semi finals of the same category which contained 40 of the best kata competitors from around the country. If that was not enough they then joined forces in the Girls and Boys 10-12 pair kata event and went on to win the Gold medal to become the first English Pair Kata Champions! 






New Black Belt (Shodan) Grade - Sunday 14th April 2013

Aron Traves successfully passed the gruelling 2 hour grading 1st dan (degree) in front of a panel of five Shindo-Kai instructors including the Joint Chief Instructors of Shindo-Kai Sensei Ged and Sensei John Tumman shown below.  Dan gradings are both mentally and physically challenging which requires the candidates to demonstrate a high level of competency in kihons, kata and kumite. At 10 years Aron is our youngest dan grade and the past five years of dedicated training has certainly paid off. Well done!






First Student of the Month - March 2013

Matthew Martin is shown receiving the first student of the month award from Sensei Rob Traves & Sensei Frank Sempebwa.  Well done Matthew and keep up the good work!







Shindo-Kai Junior Competition – 17th March 2013

9 students entered the Shindo-Kai Junior Competition and it was fantastic to see that every one of them came home with at least one medal. We took a relatively small squad but we certain have punched above our weight winning a total of 6 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze medals - the best tally to date. Well done to all competitors who have trained hard and are now starting to see the rewards: See Results tables for details:





CLUB GRADING - Sunday 3rd March

Congratulations to the 14 students pictured below who all sucessfully passed the first grading of 2013:

White belt red tags (9th Kyu) - J Perry

White belt black tags (8th Kyu) - L Tucker


Orange belt (6th Kyu) - M Proctor, E Proctor, K Proctor, S Dughan Tebbett, A Dughan Tebbett, J Hill and M Jack.




Green belt (5th Kyu) - A Pasternak.

Green belt blue tags - M Hill.

Purple belt (3rd Kyu) - A Sempebwa.

Brown belt gold tags (1st Kyu) - last club grading, Osu! - G Wells & F Sempebwa.





Silver at the English Karate Federation Kyu Grade Championships - Sunday 20th January

Jenny Wells and Aron Traves competed at the Ponds Forge International Sports Arena in Sheffield as part of the Shindo-Kai Kata Squad. Jenny gained some valuable experience in the under 10 category whilst Aron stormed through 4 rounds to face fellow squad member Ben Harrison in the final of the boys 10-13 years category. Aron gave a very impressive performance of Shotokan kata Gankaku but keeping the one legged stances absolutely stable before executing head high side kicks is very difficult especially when under pressure. Unfortunately it was a little movement in this position that persuaded the judges to give the English title to Ben with Aron coming a well-deserved second. Plenty more chances with another 3 years to go in such a large category. It was also a great 1, 2, 3 for Shindo-Kai!