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Competitors are assessed by three or five judges using either a score based system to individually rank the competitors or using the flag system on a knockout round basis where the competitor who receives the majority score from the judges proceeds to the next round.












Depending on the category contestants may be able to repeat a kata in different rounds or they may have to use alternate katas or for higher grade categories perform a different kata in each round.







Pair kata and Team kata (with 2 & 3 members respectively) must perform the kata synchronously. A demonstration of kata Bunkai (applications) may also be required for team kata at National & International level competitions.




 The judging panel assess the competitors for:

  •     Corect form & technique (Kihon)
  •     Correct stances (proper tension in legs and feet flat on the floor).
  •     Good timing
  •     Good rhythm
  •     Speed,
  •     Focus of power (Kime)
  •     Balance
  •     Proper use of breathing
  •     Correct focus of attention and concentration
  •     A realistic demonstration of the meaning of the Kata.
  •     An understanding of the techniques and applications (Bunkai) being used.
  •     Proper abdominal tension
  •     Smooth and level movement (no bobbing up and down)

The difficulty of the Kata presented may also be taken into account.

For pair and team Kata the competitors must also show synchronisation without external cues (e.g indicating to start or heavy breathing).


For kata events the layout of the kata competition area (Tatami) is detailed below: