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Karate is a combat sport where practitioners can compete in both Kata and Kumite at competitions. This section aims to give a brief overview of the format, rules and etiquette applicable to karate competitions. 

The spectacle of competition karate and growing worldwide popularity of karate has helped raise the profile of karate such that it is one of the strongest contenders for being introduced into the 2020 Olympics. Please feel free to register your support at the “The K is on the Way website.

This page is only intended as a basic guide to competitions. The format and rules may vary at different levels of competition however the following is based on the World Karate Federation rules as can be found under the WKF website.

There are 4 main types of events:

   - Individual Kata

   - Team (or Pair) Kata

   - Individual Kumite

   - Team Kumite

Each may be split into different categories based on gender, age, weight or grade.

Contestants representing red (Aka) or blue (Ao) wear the equivalent coloured belt.

The competition area (tatami) is matted and measures 8m x 8m with an additional 1m wide safety perimeter which is usually of a different colour. 

Being affiliated to an association and national governing body provides opportunities across the whole range of competition levels.  There are three Shindo-Kai Association level competitions for which we enter as a club with categories split to cater for both novice as well as experienced competitors. In addition, there are a number of regional, national and international competitions where our students compete as part of the Shindo-Kai squad and/or England. Refer to the Calendar page for this years events.