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    Tuesdays (Measham Village Hall):              

              6.00pm-6:45pm                6-10 years, Beginners & White belts

              6.45pm-7:45pm                6-10 years, Coloured Belts

              7.45pm-8:45pm                11+years, All Grades


    Wednesdays (Measham Leisure Centre):

              7.30pm-8:30pm                All ages & grades


    Fridays (Measham Village Hall):                       

              7.00pm-8.00pm                6-10 years, All Grades

              8.00pm-9:00pm                11+years, All Grades


Private tuition and self-defence classes are also available.



     Measham Village Hall               Measham Leisure Centre

        Queens Street,                                                                High St

        Measham,                                                                        Measham,

        Derbyshire,                                                                      Derbyshire,

        DE12 7JE                                                                         DE12 7HR